Airlines Military Discounts

The below airlines offer military discounts, waived change or cancellation fees, plus other benefits such as baggage allowances, special rates and fares.  Please read below for more detail.

The Airlines Military Discounts

AirTran Airways–  Active Military Personnel:  AirTran make an exception to their checked baggage allowance policy for members of the military traveling with ID (Military Recruits traveling to basic training will have orders and will not have an ID card) who are traveling on active duty orders. As long as each piece of baggage does not exceed 100 lbs. in weight and 80 inches in size (length + width + height), baggage will be exempt from AirTran’s baggage limit, and will NOT be subject to excess, oversized, or overweight baggage charges.

American Airlines– Offers special military rates when you call 800-433-7300 for more details. They also offer a military baggage allowance.  Allowance of 1st and/or 2nd checked bag at no additional charge provided it falls within the size and weight limitations. These free checked bag allowances apply on flights operated by American Airlines, American Eagle and American Connection®. On codeshare flights operated by other carriers, the baggage allowance and charges of the operating carrier apply.

  • Active U.S. Military personnel traveling on orders or personal travel
  • Active U.S. Military dependents traveling on orders

For more info, click HERE.

Alaska Airlines– Offers up to 5 bags free for active duty military personnel with ID and up to 5 bags free for military dependents with ID on travel orders. Specific baggage information may be found on their website, under travel “Checked & Carry On Baggage Policies“.

Delta– Special or unpublished fares for which passengers can qualify through special marketing programs or occupational status.  Some of these fares can be purchased at, while others must be booked with a representative, as these fares require proper documentation before the ticket can be issued.  Unpublished fares such as bereavement, military or government travel require special documentation and can only be booked with a representative. For further assistance, please contact Delta Reservations at 800-221-1212 for domestic travel or 800-241-4141 for international travel.  Up to 3-5 bags fly free depending on status of travel, on military orders or personal travel.

Frontier Airlines– Military fares are offered to passengers carrying valid Active Duty identification cards and/or separation papers in certain markets. Frontier has designed these fares to help our active duty Military personnel, who often must plan/book travel without advance notice.  Please contact the Reservation Call Center, 800-432-1359, to book. These special fares are refundable, which allows the military passenger flexibility in case their orders change. Frontier supports our troops. Active duty military personnel who present their ID or who are traveling in uniform, as well as reservists traveling with orders, do not have to pay bag fees including excess, oversize, and overweight fees. However, Special/Fragile item fees still apply. Although they aren’t charging oversize or overweight fees, any baggage exceeding 110 linear inches or 99.9 lbs may not be checked. This exemption does not apply to family members or traveling companions. For additional baggage information, please click HERE.

Jet Blue– Waive change/cancel fees for active members of the military and members of their immediate family traveling on the same itinerary if their travel plans need to be changed or cancelled due to deployment or transfer.  For information on fares, change/cancel fees and baggage fee waivers for military personnel, please speak to one of our Reservation crewmembers at 1-800-JETBLUE.

Southwest Airlines– Proud to offer Military Fares for the men and women (and their dependents) of our Armed Forces. In order to purchase a Military Fare, you must be on active duty and be able to produce valid identification when you travel. Please call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) if you are interested in obtaining a Military Fare or any additional information.

United Airlines– United offer Military and federal government personnel discounts in select markets and routes.  In most, not all markets, the discount will apply to any active member of the military including dependents (ID will be required at check in).  To take advantage of these discounts or to check on fares you will need to contact United Reservations at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) where specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  See “Travel for U.S. military and federal government personnel” to make reservations online.

U.S. Airways– They offer special rates to military personnel traveling on an officially excused absence and to discharged personnel within 7 days of discharge.* Special rates also apply to military dependents.  The 1st and 2nd checked bag fees are waived for active U.S. military with ID on personal travel.  Active U.S. military with ID and dependents traveling with them on orders (1st through 4th bags up to 100 lbs/45 kg each free of charge).  All military personnel in uniform may use the First Class counter to check in for their flight. For more information, click here.

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